About Construction

Each of my models is laser-cut and hand-assembled, layer by layer. Depending on the scale, contour interval, and vertical exaggeration desired, layers are composed of either museum mat board (white), paper-fiber mounting board (gray or brown), or watercolor paper (various colors). Each layer is adhered, pressed, and allowed to set. I then apply two coats of heavy sealer and finish with a matte or satin acrylic coat.

Models are mounted to our in-house frames with hardware only, no adhesives. Should you want to re-frame them at any point, the model can be easily separated from the frame and backer.

Variations in scorching, etching intensity, and model surfacing are intentional.

My models should not have any gaps between layers, lifting edges, missing contours, unsealed areas, or cracks or hazing in the sealant coats. Models should not warp. If you find any of these conditions, I will replace or repair your model.